anfuehrungSkill, expertise and years of experience in combination with professional equipment and a pleasant, friendly studio atmosphere present the perfect conditions for successful productions. 

Company owner Dieter Krauthausen has worked as a sound engineer and/or producer on music productions for many years.

In addition, in-house productions are looked after by Krauthausen Music Publishing and can also be released on our own label madi-music.

His musical projects have been recorded at the Krauthausen studio but also in studios both at home and abroad. abfuehrung

* Crazy Sex Idiots "H.A.P.P.Y" 
* DV8 "recording sessions" 88-98 Vol. 1 
* EM:ZEH "Wortsport" 
* Fidibus "Ab auf die Reise"
* Fidibus "Wenn`s nach mir ging"
* Hansonis "Drink and Drive with Dylan Thomas" 
* Hansonis "Walk" 
* Herbert Knebel Solo "Live in Gelsenkirchen" 
* Herbert Knebels Affentheater "on the rocks"; Live 
* Herbert Knebels Affentheater "Unter Strom"; Live 
* Hoelderlin "Eight" * King Candy "Forgive Me" (remix) 
* Köster / Hocker "Jedrisse, Baby"

* Köster / Hocker "Kumm Jangk"

* L.S.E. "Für et Hätz un jähen d`r Kopp"

* L.S.E. "Ruhm kennt keine Gnade" 
* L.S.E. "Aua"

* Mondbande "Abendstille überall"

* Manos Tsangaris "Elephant`s easy moonwalk through the night" 
* The Peterman "Fred Loves Betty" 
* The Unknown Cases "Bogota Boogie" (remix) 
* This Side Up "Der Champ" 
* Till & Obel "Mit Alles"
* Tonbande "Dieses Lied"
* Westernhagen "Westernhagen" 
* Westernhagen "Halleluja" 
* Westernhagen "Affentheater" 
* Westernhagen "Keine Zeit" 
* Westernhagen "Radio Maria" 
* Westernhagen "So weit"– Best of Westernhagen 
* Westernhagen "Nahaufnahme" 
* Westernhagen "In den Wahnsinn" 
* Westernhagen DVD "Wenn das Licht auf Dich fällt" 
* Westernhagen "Williamsburg"
* Westernhagen "Hottentottenmusik"
* Westernhagen "Alphatier"
* Westernhagen "MTV Unplugged" (CD, DVD, BlueRay)
* Winterschladen & Tsangaris "King Gong" abfuehrung