citation Our main focus: language productions
. We have many years’ experience in the field of voice-overs for film and video productions (image films, documentaries) and are well acquainted with the technical demands and artistic particularities. 

We now also provide ADR-lipsync, which we began in July 2014. Other areas in which we’ve been successful include film mixing (EBU R-128), audio books, commercials, voice prompts and adding sound tracks to multimedia productions. Besides the recording and post production work on the audio files, our role here includes selection of voice talents / characters (casting), directing dialogue, adding effects, editing and mixing. The files are delivered by upload/download link via our own server, but also, of course, on data carriers by courier, if requested.   

Through our partner agency Agentur Ost-West Fremdsprachenservice GmbH we have access to an extensive voice talent database with over 50 languages. loss transfer